Unique rosaries, devotional chaplets, and Catholic gifts
handmade with inspired materials and exquisite care.


Our extraordinary, elegant Catholic Rosaries and Devotional Chaplets are lovingly hand-crafted by a devoted rosary artisan.  Each of our rosaries and chaplets tells a story: a special person or event in the Catholic tradition, or a beloved Catholic devotion inspires the choice of materials for each chaplet or set of rosary beads.  All of our rosaries and chaplets are limited-edition or one-of-a-kind, and  exquisitely unique. 

When you receive one of our extraordinary rosaries, you will also receive a brochure with information on the devotion that inspired it, as well as the  Rosary prayers .  Each of our prayer chaplets arrives with a brochure describing the devotion and the chaplet prayers in a convenient format.   In addition to these informational brochures, our rosaries and chaplets are delivered in an elegant box ... a treasure for today, an heirloom for tomorrow.

Celebrate with one of our featured rosaries and chaplets, created for major feast days in the Liturgical calendar.   Be sure to check back frequently to see our newest devotionals.  See our complete list of devotions

*** NEW CATALOG!!! ***

To make the shopping experience more convenient for you, all rosaries, chaplets, and jewelry are now in our new catalog .   We will continue to maintain the informational prayer pages for all the devotions we offer. 

If you don't find what you are looking for,  please  inquire about a custom order.  Our existing informational pages show some of our previous work to give you a few ideas.


Are you looking for a special gift, one that can be used and treasured every day?

For the person who "already has everything", consider a a rosary or chaplet.  There has been a resurgence of interest in prayer in recent years, but after decades of declining use, many Catholics (even clergy) are unaware that there is more than one kind of rosary, or that chaplets (prayer beads) exist for their favorite saints and devotions!

We offer both the familiar Dominican rosary as well as the Franciscan Crown, Servite (Sorrows) rosary, and Irish Penal rosary (the original "tenner").  We have a large selection of traditional devotional chaplets, for favorite saints (including St. Thèrése, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Joseph) and special devotions (including Peace, Our Lady, the Sacred Heart, and Holy Eucharist).

Let us help you choose the perfect Catholic gifts for
the special people in your life...
gifts from the heart, gifts for the soul.



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