A rosary inspired by the
tragedy of September 11 and the

Who can forget the thick, gray smoke that obliterated a clear blue September sky when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed?

Remembering September 11, the Miracle of Ladder Company 6

Yet from the horror, a miracle emerged:
the men of FDNY Ladder Company 6 and a woman they call their guardian angel.  Their story of survival was told by NBC's
Stone Phillips on the program Dateline.  

Ladder Company 6 arrived at the World Trade Center minutes after the call came in, and were in the lobby when the second Tower was hit.  Along with their brethren firefighters they climbed the stairs, each carrying 110 pounds of gear.  As they reached the 27th floor, South Tower collapsed, and the call came to evacuate.  As the firefighters descended, they assisted civilians who had not yet been able to leave; Ladder 6 came to the aid of Josephine Harris, an elderly woman who'd made it down from the 73rd floor, and was so tired, she could barely take another step.  As they slowly made their way, they never suspected the exhausted woman would wind up
saving all of their lives by forcing them to stop
when everyone else was fleeing.
Urged on by her escorts, leaning on the brawniest, Josephine Harris was moving as quickly as she could, but exhaustion was gaining.  Their progress was slow, inching down the stairwell, moving aside to let other firefighters pass ... and when they reached the fourth floor, Josephine stopped and said, 
"That’s it, I can’t go anymore."
They all stopped.
       And so they stood in the stairwell on the fourth floor when they heard a thundering rumble, and hundreds of thousands of tons of cement, steel, and glass began to melt away. The force of the collapse threw them to the floor, and they lay in the thickening smoke until the rumbling and shaking ceased.  Because they had stopped for Josephine Harris, they were protected in what was left of the stairwell between the second and fourth floors, one of the few spaces in the building that hadn’t been crushed in the collapse.

Shrouded in darkness and ash, they had survived the collapse of North Tower, but their ordeal was far from over.  After being trapped in the stairwell for hours, finally, a break in the dust cloud and a revelation: pinpoint of light finally led them to an opening, a portal for their escape.   
The complete story of the Miracle of Ladder Company 6 can be found at the MSNBC News website.

For the millions who watched the horror unfold, live,
on September 11, there were no words to express the experience. 
My own feelings would naturally express themselves in my work, and even as I watched, this rosary began to take shape.  I knew I would use labradorite ... a stone that appears cloudy and gray but reveals brilliant flashes of blue, like the devastation of that September morning.

 But I would have to wait; the beads that were ordered in August , had been shipped on September 10th ...   In the interim,  I saw the Dateline feature about Ladder Company 6, and that story inspired the completed design.

Remembering September 11, the Miracle of Ladder Company 6


The labradorite beads speak to the firefighters' own descriptions of  the smoke and dust that enveloped them ... and finally the small flash of light that led them to safety.  
The lattice design of the cross is reminiscent of the skeleton of the stairwell, revealed when the rubble was removed.  
The Holy Spirit centerpiece honors God's grace, which blessed these seven survivors in a tangible way on September 11, and brings to mind the dove of peace.


The Aves are 8mm faceted Labradorite;  the Paters are 12mm Sky Blue luster;  both the centerpiece and crucifix are handcast in sterling from vintage pieces.

Available as rosary (or decima) by Special order; please inquire .

Your rosary will be packaged in an elegant jewelry box,
with pamphlet describing the provenance and prayers.


The proceeds from sale of the first rosary, $250.00,  were sent, 
in their entirety, to the
Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows' and Children's Fund





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