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Seat of Wisdom

"Christ, who is called the power and wisdom of God, is the true Wisdom... Whoever desires to have this wisdom must direct his studies toward the Mother, for in Mary must he study who is to find Christ!"
~ Abbot Odo,
Benedictine ~

Litany of Loreto ~ Seat of Wisdom ~ Rosary

This is a massive, powerful rosary!  The Aves, vintage 9mm porcelain cubes with mottled picasso finish, form a solid foundation, accented by sterling and Swarovski spacers.  The Paters, 15mm firepolished ovals of smoky topaz sparkle with an aurora borealis finish!  The rosary is joined with a sterling Loreto centerpiece --- a Via Rosa exclusive: Our Lady of Loreto on on side, and the House of Loreto (shown) on the obverse. The rosary is completed with 2" sterling Gothic crucifix.


Your rosary will be packaged in an elegant hinged jewelry box, 
with pamphlet describing the provenance and prayers

The towers which David built to the walls of Jerusalem rose above all the other buildings. From them one could obtain a clear view of the surrounding country and observe every movement of the enemy. As the tower of David surpassed all other buildings of Jerusalem, so Mary, the daughter of David, excels all angels and men in dignity and sanctity.

Litany of Loreto Rosaries


Cardinal J. H. Newman
Mary has this title in her Litany, because the Son of God, who is also called in Scripture the Word and Wisdom of God, once dwelt in her, and then, after His birth of her, was carried in her arms and seated in her lap in His first years. Thus, being as it were, the human throne of Him who reigns in heaven, she is called the "Seat of Wisdom." In the poet's words:

His throne, thy bosom blest, O Mother undefiled.
That Throne, if aught beneath the skies, Beseems the sinless Child.

But the possession of her Son lasted beyond His infancy — He was under her rule, as St. Luke tells us, and lived with her in her house, till He went forth to preach — that is, for at least a whole thirty years. And this brings us to a reflection about her, cognate to that which was suggested to us by the title of "Mirror of Justice." For if such close and continued intimacy with her Son created in her a sanctity inconceivably great, must not also the knowledge which she gained during those many years from His conversation of present, past, and future, have been so large, and so profound, and so diversified, and so thorough, that, though she was a poor woman without human advantages, she must in her knowledge of creation, of the universe, and of history, have excelled the greatest of philosophers, and in her theological knowledge the greatest of theologians, and in her prophetic discernment the most favored of prophets?

What was the grand theme of conversation between her and her Son but the nature, the attributes, the providence, and the works of Almighty God? Would not our Lord be ever glorifying the Father who sent Him? Would He not unfold to her the solemn eternal decrees, and the purposes and will of God? Would He not from time to time enlighten her in all those points of doctrine which have been first discussed and then settled in the Church from the time of the Apostles till now, and all that shall be till the end—nay, these, and far more than these? All that is obscure, all that is fragmentary in revelation, would, so far as the knowledge is possible to man, be brought out to her in clearness and simplicity by Him who is the Light of the World.

And so of the events which are to come. God spoke to the Prophets: we have His communications to them in Scripture. But He spoke to them in figure and parable. There was one, viz., Moses, to whom He vouchsafed to speak face to face. "If there be among you a prophet of the Lord," God says, "I will appear to him in a vision, and I will speak to him in a dream. But it is not so with my servant Moses. . . For I will speak to him mouth to mouth, and plainly, and not by riddles and figures doth he see the Lord." This was the great privilege of the inspired Lawgiver of the Jews; but how much was it below that of Mary! Moses had the privilege only now and then, from time to time; but Mary for thirty continuous years saw and heard Him, being all through that time face to face with Him, and being able to ask Him any question which she wished explained, and knowing that the answers she received were from the Eternal God, who neither deceives nor can be deceived.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom; pray for us.

Taken from the book "The Mystical Rose" (Thoughts on the Blessed Virgin from the writings of Cardinal J. H. Newman) St. Paul Publications 1955

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